Natasha Spencer, Spencer Media

Showing businesses how to talk to people


Name of business: Spencer Media
Creator: Natasha Spencer
Years in business: Since February 2015
Specialty: Clear copy for financial and legal business
Location: Hampshire
Reach: South East

Key to success: Perseverance and resilience – failure is all part of the journey
Greatest asset: Knowledge

I met Natasha at a social media training course I signed up to refresh my knowledge and reinvigorate my online profile. She was teaching. A journalist with a law background creating her own writing consultancy. This combination intrigued me, so I invited her for a conversation to find out what is her business mission and why she’s a copywriter different from all others.

She can write about everything from sociology to biology, she’s a journalist, she knows her craft. But she has one more asset, one that is not so common among writers – a BA in law.
It stood out to me that this is her strongest selling point and not a bad differentiator.

Legal aid

So what’s Natasha’s mission? To change the way legal and financial industries communicate. She still is a blogger and a journalist using her skills “to maximise [client’s] business potential and financial benefit through the correct use of social media, internet services and creative marketing” – just one that chooses to focus on the legal and financial sector. The plan is to concentrate on translating all the legalese into plain English in order to make this line of work more accessible to young people. To show them the true colours of these industries, make them more open and inviting.

Increasing clarity in the way these two communicate is a no mean feat, as they are known for the love of long words and complex phrases. I am glad someone has the idea to rework this system. The less corporates will hide behind problematical phraseology, the better. And I can see people supporting this idea.  I myself am looking forward to the day all businesses will be on the same page with their clients, that’s part of the mission of branding by Inc Element.

Law in order

Natasha is a young brand, but already one that is aware that choosing a speciality does not mean letting go of your other advantages. It just helps make your messages stronger and avoid confusion with your target market. The way she chose to do it is by creating a sub brand specialising in providing copywriting services to legal and financial business. The other sub brand is going to focus on more general subject. The division keeps the attention undiluted and creates two lines of business, potentially increasing the power with which both can penetrate their markets. I think it’s a very smart move and I am looking forward to seeing how she translates it to her online and offline communication.

Why Natasha is my brand hero

To some extent it is easier to say that “we do everything”, especially when you are not selling a physical product you have to put on the selves of your shop. When you know your craft, you can use your abilities to write on almost every subject. Businesses often start that way, to maintain cash flow. It takes courage to choose your identity and Natasha is making that move early in her entrepreneurial journey, which in my mind is the first stage of becoming a strong brand.

My lessons from this conversation:
– letting go of the ‘everything’ pays off in the long run
– defining yourself helps you stand out
– it also guides your brand’s development

Further reading from Natasha:
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Elements of a strong brand:
  • clarity of communication
  • focus on specialisation
  • passion

Have a vision. Have a foresight.


To see how she’s realising her mission:

– visit her website

– her LinkedIn profile

– follow her on Twitter @nspencermedia