Motivation makes your brand bigger than a business

motivation makes you work harder on your brand, makes your brand bigger than a business itself
What motivates me?

The idea of helping others.

It’s sort of a selfish altruism, really. I know that I can only be a true force making a change for the better if I have appropriate tools to use. To get those tools I need to have means to obtain them. That is why I want my brand to be a successful business.

Giving a tenner for the Salvation Army is all well, but then I think what if I could do more than just give a few pounds away. And I do not mean a hundred, or even a thousand. I am growing out of the idea of charity as a “give away” – I want the gesture to start something, to grow and create a wave of change. I do not want to support the status quo of inequality.

I do not want it to stop at one person either.

Having that ultimate purpose, that big dream keeps me going. It gives me a brand.
My aim is to create an academic scholarship for individuals who want to make a difference to their community. What I have in mind is a programme that teams up accomplished mentors with innovators from all walk of life. Perhaps they won’t even have to be in school and there may be no age requirement at all, as you may have guessed I do not have all the specifics figured out yet. What I do know, is that I want this programme to support a change of mindset and action, resulting in a wave of good. I believe having a heart is necessary, but not enough. If our actions are to make sense, we need to put a mind to it as well.

I am not ready yet. But I am working to be the force behind this change. I want to make this happen.

That is my goal – to be able to make a change that inspires others to do well.
This is my ultimate goal.

I love branding. It excites me. It’s what my business is about. But strategising and doing all that creative stuff just for the sake of artsy expression would give me a short-lived high. Having that ultimate purpose, that big dream keeps me going. It gives me a brand. That is my fuel that gives me sustainable propulsion.

That is what motivates me.

What is your motivation?

Post by Klem, founder of Inc Element