Justina Warzocha, Success Coach

Dream like a child


Name: Justina Warzocha Success Coach

Specialty: Helping women achieve

Location: London

Reach: National

Key to success: Remembering about others without forgetting about yourself

Greatest asset: IP

I met Justina at a women-in-business-type networking workshop I ended up attending by accident.  Many coaches say there’s no such thing as coincidence. In this case, I am prepared to agree with them as this encounter was of a the-right-thing-at-the-right-time kind.

I wanted to talk to her as first and foremost she works with female entrepreneurs who operate outside of their home country. In addition, as she’s currently re-focusing her business and I am finding it quite fascinating. This was the combination I definitely wanted to investigate further.

A woman, a woman in business

Calm confidence is what I noticed first about Justina. This sensation is not a fleeting one. I get it every time we speak and it is as strong face to face, as it is over the phone. Time changes pace during these encounters – in a good way. Suddenly I have time to think, observe without prejudice and analyse constructively. These conversations make me calmer.

Space to be, do, have

Justina builds her brand as a premium product. It’s only logical, as she works with people, personal brands she believes are premium products in the making.She creates an environment that she and her clients are comfortable in.

A journey to success

Her thinking is very consistent. You can clearly see how her knowledge supports her ambition. What do I mean by that? She did not start her career with a view to becoming a coach. Looking for the right thing she spent a year in Portugal. She spent a few years working as a wine merchant that gave her the necessary commercial understanding. But that wasn’t as satisfying as she had hoped.

There was something new to be discovered and she did not stay lost for long.

The search began: workshops, lectures, events, meetings with people that inspire her. Finally, another coach’s suggestion led to a new career. She got her qualifications, became a personal coach and never looked back. Today she’s still perfecting her craft; she works best with people and organisations at a crossroads – not dissimilar to the ones she had once encountered. She opens their eyes to the possibility of success, helps them make a conscious decision to achieve it and supports them along the way.

Discover, design, achieve

She does it by design. Justina is very aware of her strengths and this is the foundation of her brand. This business brand reiterates personal values of its creator – her interests, experience and knowledge are at the core of the enterprise.

Why Justina is my brand hero

The fact that her business mission stems from personal experience and vision is fully aligned with her ambitions makes her one strong brand. It is also the awareness of how her personal and business personalities fit together – it is the way her ambitions, purpose align with education and experience to make the brand even more robust – this is something I admire. Dream like a child, go and get it.

My lessons from Justina:

  • give yourself credit when it’s due
  • build on your past to have a wider vision of the future
  • dream like a child and use your adult skills to achieve those dreams

Further reading from Justina:

Elements of a strong brand:
  • consistency
  • confidence
  • focus


Dream like a child. Use your abilities as an adult to make those dreams come true.


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