Caroline Taplin, Mindfulness UnLtd

Be aware, your life depends on it


Caroline Taplin, Mindfulness UnLtd

Name of business: Mindfulness UnLtd
Creator: Caroline Taplin MSW DipSW Cert. Recovery and Wellness Coach, HCPC (acc), SHTC (acc)
Years in business: In the industry since 1999, Mindfulness UnLtd created in 2014
Speciality: Mindfulness classes, workshops and courses in the areas of recovery, rehabilitation and stress
Location: Chelmsford
Reach: South East
Key to success: Be aware
Biggest challenge for businesses: Borrowing reserves from the next day
Greatest asset: Knowledge

About mindfulness

Caroline appreciates accents. Caroline appreciates moments. Caroline appreciates people. That’s what mindfulness is all about. In a nutshell, mindfulness is being aware. According to Williams, Teasdale, Segal and Kabat-Zinn (2007), whom she quotes on her website, “Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through: paying attention; on purpose; in the present moment; non-judgementally….as if your life depended on it….”.

Caroline’s goal is to (re)introduce mindfulness to schools and corporate institutions. She’s at the beginning of her quest, working directly with individuals, small businesses and local authorities.
That’s why I invited her for a chat (which lasted almost three hours). We talked about the reality of social work, personal development and creating a business.

A woman on a mission

What’s impressive about Caroline’s business and her personally is the mission to change the way so called social services that being delivered these days. Don’t get this wrong, we both agree that these services are needed and important, but the delivery became too automatic. If recipients were not making enough progress it means they are not doing it right. Actually, the service on offer may be at fault as well. By default services have to be standardised, but the workers who deliver them should be mindful enough to be able to recognise what is needed and use a matrix of services. Not only to elevate the symptoms, but to recognise and deal with the problems.

Time to come together

The problem is that they themselves are not being taught how to. Caroline’s on a mission to give those lone workers a proper support. Not to limit them, but to give them greater confidence and improve awareness. She believes this type of education should be made compulsory even in schools. I agree, I think it would be a valuable asset to the curriculum.

Start: today

That’s the future. Today Caroline develops her own methodology and works with those that want to improve their perception of life and professional performance. She helps people recovering from addiction, set up and grow businesses and struggling entrepreneurs regain their momentum. She notices who they are now and how they can build on that – without judgement and fear.

It’s a valuable and rare commodity. You may say it’s mere kindness. But having spent that time with Caroline I know it’s experience and knowledge with kindness. if you’re moaning (she does not like moaners) but want to do something about it, ok, it’s a start.

Why Minfulless UnLtd is my brand hero
I chose this business as my brand hero because of the herculean task they chose to achieve. Caroline does not seek awards, glory and honours. She focuses on the task at hand: this person, this class, this workshop. One at a time. Mindfully.

We need more of those, so focused on their audience, so determined to deliver change to the whole industry.

My lesson from this conversation:

  • be mindful of your brand
  • be mindful of your audience
  • be mindful of your goals

Further reading from Caroline:
Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn
Dalai Lama

Elements of a strong brand:
  • awareness
  • mission
  • quality visual representation

Mindfulness does really change your mind


To find out more about Caroline and Mindfulness UnLtd, visit:

P.S. I’ve just read Caroline’s bio on her website and discovered that she’s a Cloud Appreciation Society member. How mindful is that!