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If we are not good at something, we get forgotten - Jon Taffer. What can we do to be relevant?

Have you ever seen “Bar Rescue” with Jon Taffer?

Jon Taffer is a bar consultant, an author of ‘Raise the Bar’ and in ‘Bar Rescue’ he helps failing bars turn their situation around. Each ‘Bar  Rescue’ episode is filmed over 5 days, during which reconnaissance happens, analysis, training, remodelling and launch of a refreshed brand. Mr Taffer and his team give the bar owners all the tools to be relevant and continue developing their renewed brand, make more money and create greater value for themselves and the public.

I truly recommend you watch it.

For me, each episode is proof that great potential can be wasted, so easily. However, each episode also proves that every business can become a brand, and a strong one, when they put their minds to it.

“There’s nothing that you can’t fix if you choose to.” Jon Taffer, s01, ep 8 Champs

The first step is recognising what they are good at. It’s done by analysing the environment. They work hard to understand what it means to be relevant, what the context of each bar is – geography, demographic, competition are taken into account as well as the passions of the owner/founder. This is a very important factor, as success is very hard to achieve if you have no passion for your job.

This process allows for the distillation of who the ideal client is and leads to the formulation of the strongest selling point. On these foundations, a brand building process can begin.

“You have to do something well to survive and be historic” Jon Taffer, s01, ep 8 Champs

Notice that each bar is treated as an ecosystem. They look at the shape of their clients’ physical journey through the space – flow patters, analyse the menu, service, technology, team morale, leadership… everything stems from and supports brand value recognised by understanding the ideal client and the strongest selling point – the brand.

“If I can make you historic and relevant, you’ll last forever. The last thing you want to do is to be forgotten” Jon Taffer, s01, ep 8 Champs

Developing your brand consciously keeps you relevant. It grows from the love you have for what you are doing and highlights the assets you have.

It gives you something you want to be a part of and develop further. This, in turn, makes your team want to be a part of it and this helps make your clients be a part of it as well.

Bar Rescue is an American reality TV show, premiered on Spike in July 2011. There have been 4 series released to date and it can be watched on British Spike channel.

You can find out more about Jon Taffer on his website (I love his blog for the authentic tone and fresh business insights).

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