Adam Frewer, The Energy Rebalancing Coach

Defying gravity


Name of business: Adam Frewer, The Energy Rebalancing Coach     
Creator: Adam Frewer
Years in business: 2 years practising his own method
Specialty: Helping young people regain balance
Location: London
Reach: UK (but watch this space)
Key to success: Balance and seeing people how they are
Greatest asset: “My hands!” (and his own methodology combining coaching and healing massage)

We meet at the Workshop Coffee over a cup of green tea. For a passer by Adam may look like a polite, well-groomed young man in his early twenties. That he is. However, that’s not all he is. He’s an accomplished coach specialised in helping young people, between 20 and 30 years of age. He believes we need to balance our inner world to create stronger results on the outside – just like a skyscraper, we need strong foundations as well.

You may not notice this at a first glance, but Adam’s a force of nature. It becomes clear when you start talking to him, as he makes a point of maintaining eye contact. It’s like he can see inside your head. But you don’t mind, because somehow you know it will lead to a good thing.

From stress to harmony, from anxiety to control

Adam’s journey to becoming a business and a brand is fascinating. To say that he’s been defying gravity all his life is the best way to describe it. The beginnings were rocky, to say the least. His website tells us “the first time he felt out of balance was around the age of six”; he confirms that. Initially, he was looking for spiritual guidance, which got side-tracked and got him even involved with gangs, then he focused on developing his physique and nothing else mattered, so the spiritual bit got lost. Now he keeps both aspects in balance – for his clients and himself.

His brand is young, but impressive none the less. You can see it for yourself, simply click here to get a glimpse of the environment he’s created; notice his approach: the perspective and understanding of his relationships with clients. He works with those who are ready to ask questions and find the answers; without force or intimidation. It’s all based on understanding and, well… the balance.

Bringing balance all around the world

I often ask businesses I work with or interview, where do they see themselves in two or five years. In this case that would clearly not be challenging enough, so I asked Adam where does he see himself in sixty years.

“1-2-1 work is the heart of the business and will continue to be [as the business grows].” – says Adam.

His vision is clear: from now on he’s going to publish a book every year and is going to have rebalancing centres located on sunny beaches all over the world. He’s already made steps towards achieving this goal and that, to me, is good branding. He has a vision and is making it happen.

Why Adam’s my brand hero:

When I first met Adam, almost two years ago, he was a Vegan Warrior. His transformation towards becoming The Energy rebalancing Coach is amazing. Looking back it’s easy to see where it comes from – finding a place you’re truly comfortable in, building on it and never ceasing to create.

My lessons from this conversation:

  • I suppose the funny thing is you sometimes need to leave your comfort zone to find that truly comfortable place
  • You need to sort yourself out before you start changing the world
  • Believe in your brand, otherwise no one else will

Further reading from Adam:
A path to wisdom, by Tony J. Selimi

Elements of a strong brand:
  • Balance
  • Authenticity
  • Vision

Everything is energy and everything can be balanced.

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