what we do: developing brands

Do you feel like your current branding is not expressing what your business is actually about? Do you suspect materials you are using are not making the right impression? Do you believe that your current branding may be holding your business back?

We are a brand development and communication agency and we work with businesses that want to develop – or re-define – themselves and communicate their message clearly.

It’s time to put your clients and your team on the same page with effective communication. Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve it faster and grow your brand to its full potential.

You’ve set up a business a few years ago, put together a set of marketing materials and and launched your brand. Business is growing, but not as fast as it used to and you’ve noticed that your promotional materials are not representing you as clearly as they used to. It’s time to have them reviewed. and make them to speak as powerfully as you are. You’re in the right place.

Let’s talk about your project.

making your business distinctive by accentuating its strongest features

writing, so that the audience wants to read; speaking so that they want to listen; creating so that they want to know more

your voice online; make it as irresistible as personal interaction – after all, even online you we are communication 1-1

they used to be known as ‘corporate identity guides’ – our brand books do more, as they contain the very spirit of the brand: the values, the tone, the image – the lot!

we share what we know because we believe that every brand can communicate with clarity, quality and panache

it’s good to look good online and it’s good to look good face-to-face so we make sure all your printed materials, from business cards, through brochures to welcome packs, look the part

we can help you express yourself with flair, even under pressure

how we do it

evaluation – proposal – feedback – strategy – implementation


Before we begin, let’s have a meeting. Over a hot beverage, you’ll talk about who you are, why you do what you do, and why you are looking for a change. We’ll talk about what we’ve done to date and then we’ll talk about how we think we can work together.

Evaluation: we look at your existing materials. Websites, brochures, leaflets, stationery, posters – everything. The more you have to show us, the better

Proposal: devising a way of getting you to where your brand deserves to be. Basing on our preliminary discussion and assessment of your existing materials, we can tell you how we can help you get to where you want your brand to be, including verbal and visual elements and appropriate platforms for your brand.

Feedback: now it’s time for feedback and comments. We talk, we discuss until we are all on the same page.

Strategy: we enrich our proposal with deadlines. At this point we assign actions, dates and deadlines, so that we know who’s doing what and by when.

Implementation: when all is agreed, we make it happen. We bring ideas to life, according to the agreed plan.

We work according to a Networked Business Model, i.e. we create teams of experts according to the job’s requirements. This means you are only paying for people actually involved in your project. They are trusted, reliable partners we’ve boosted quite a few brands with.

Inc Element's networked business model

about inc element

My name is Klem de Sternberg Stojalowska and Inc Element is my creation. I am a brand communication specialist. I learned my craft working on the creative side of advertising agencies.

I loved being a copywriter, as it included not only writing headlines and paragraphs of text, but also cooperating with designers and generating ideas for promotional campaigns. I also worked with strategists on launching new products and developing new brands.

Working in a team was always key. That includes cooperation with the client. Clarity on the requirements is crucial to meeting expectations and solutions that work. Whether it’s creating a headline or digging into the personality of a business to uncover its strongest selling point – it always is about serving a purpose of strengthening business’ position on the market.

The biggest lesson I learned from the big corporate clients is for communication to be effective, all efforts have to be aligned with brand’s values so the messages can be consistent.

But being coherent does not mean repeating the same words and images all the time. It means designing messages in line with business’ spirit and goals – they need to be engaging and fit the chosen media platforms.

That is why my team and I begin with analysing brands first and designing solutions second. Understanding the starting point for the client’s brand is what makes or breaks any idea. That’s the
foundation of a successful strategy, one that we build on. It’s imperative to get it right. But that’s not all – getting the right image of the target market is equally important. It influences the type of language we are going to use to reach your audience.

This is what I know.
This is what I love.
This is what I do best.

My background helps with just that. I have a master’s degree in sociology, which puts me in a great position to analyse audiences and develop messages that resonate with them.

For me branding is all about clarity of messages, aligning communication with business’ values and using language (both visual and verbal) that audiences respond to – finding your next ideal client.


Depending on the demand each topic can become a segment in our training program or it can become a sole focus of a workshop; this is a made-to-measure service, as no two businesses are the same and they have different requirements.


This selection is a guideline designed to start a conversation. If you’d like to know more, simply contact us for more details. Simply tell us what you are interested in and then we suggest a selection of segments that we believe will satisfy your hunger for knowledge and will benefit your team the most.


BUSINESS STRATEGY – activities defining business goals, influencing creative and pragmatic actions within your business (usually a full day or two 4h-segments)

How to do market research – do I only need it once? (4h)

How to develop a marketing plan including promotional and advertising activities? (4h)

BRAND COMMUNICATION – focuses on generating and managing content, both verbal and visual

How to tell your brand story and make people feel excited about your business – online (on your website, via social media) and offline (2h-4h)

What do I need branding for? (4h-8h)
•    Values (mission and vision)
•    Tone of voice (jargon, copy, structure)
•    Target market (demographics, psychographics)
•    Message (effective, consistent, exciting)

Liberating communication constraints – how to pitch within a networking environment both face-to-face and online (2h-4h)

Brief talk about a brief or how to start a project to make sure it achieves what you want it to achieve (4h-8h)

How to generate content and make it exciting (2h-4h)

Brand maintenance – how to keep on track (2h-4h)

get in touch

When you’re in the area, come and see me for a chat about business and branding. There are plenty of cafes around Inverness, so we can choose an artisan or a a standardised brew.

Fancy a cuppa?

Drop me a line on klem@incelement.co.uk or call on 07846251713.

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